Afro-Cuban Culture

Cuba Loses a Legendary Figure: A Tribute to the “Lady of Son” Teté García Catúrla
04 Sep 2023

Cuba lost one of its legendary voices and artistic figures, the "Lady of Son" Regla Teresa García Catúrla, known as Teté García Catúrla, who passed away in Havana

Changotrap: A New Style from the Street Joins Havana’s Urban Music Scene
11 Jun 2023

It is a Thursday night and concert hall 1 at Havana’s fashionable arts venue Fábrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) is exploding with audiences dancing to the sound of

The Orishas of London: New Encounters through Music and Spirituality
08 Oct 2019

It was a warm early October Saturday. We were celebrating the day of the Orisha Orula, the master diviner of the Santería (also known as Yoruba or Lucumí)

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