Havana Music Scene

A Soundtrack of Apathy: Sound Departs from Havana’s Streets and Entertainment Venues
23 Oct 2023

In my doctoral research I studied the relocation of Havana’s social scene from the street, the solar and the Malecón to the new private music and entertainment venues

Cuba Loses a Legendary Figure: A Tribute to the “Lady of Son” Teté García Catúrla
04 Sep 2023

Cuba lost one of its legendary voices and artistic figures, the "Lady of Son" Regla Teresa García Catúrla, known as Teté García Catúrla, who passed away in Havana

Changotrap: A New Style from the Street Joins Havana’s Urban Music Scene
11 Jun 2023

It is a Thursday night and concert hall 1 at Havana’s fashionable arts venue Fábrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) is exploding with audiences dancing to the sound of

“Tunturuntu pa’ tu Casa”: Cuba’s Entry into the Digital Age and Global Cultural Flows
16 Jul 2020

In the words of Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez, “the spirit of internationalism is a traditional quality of Cubans”. Nevertheless, Cuba’s abilities to pursue international cultural exposure and

“Se Hace Como Se Hace”: the Sound of Silence and Civil Society in Havana
04 Feb 2019

It is Sunday, 3rd February 2019, a week after a rare and deadly tornado devastated Havana’s boroughs of Regla, Guanabacoa and 10 de Octubre. The government has been

Not a Country for Jazz: Cuba’s Orphaned Children, its Talented Jazz Musicians
22 Apr 2018

There are only two jazz dedicated venues in Havana - La Zorra y El Cuervo on La Rampa and Jazz Café in the Centro Comercial Galerías Paseo on

Mas con Menos: the Phrase which Defines Cuban Identity and Music Industry
16 Apr 2018

“More with less” is a phrase which accurately and succinctly defines the way of life in Cuba for artists and musicians as well as for the general population.

“Solo en Cuba”: Music, Culture and Traditions in Havana’s Social Scene
27 Feb 2018

The exuberant energy of Alain Pérez and his fourteen-piece band were by no means diminished by the small stage of Bar Sarao, one of Havana’s new private music

Havana through the Sound of Trombone: from Colonial Relics to Modern Art Clubs
04 Jan 2018

“Havana is a mix of Third World, First World and Other World”  (Karen Dubinsky 2016) The tall stone walls and high cupola of the sixteenth century church of

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