Havana Music Scene

“Tunturuntu pa’ tu Casa”: Cuba’s Entry into the Digital Age and Global Cultural Flows
16 Jul 2020

In the words of Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez, “the spirit of internationalism is a traditional quality of the Cubans”. Nevertheless, Cuba’s abilities to pursue international cultural exposure

“Se Hace Como Se Hace”: the Sound of Silence and Civil Society in Havana
04 Feb 2019

It is Sunday, 3rd February 2019, a week after a rare and deadly tornado devastated Havana’s boroughs of Regla, Guanabacoa and 10 de Octubre. The government has been

Not a Country for Jazz: Cuba’s Orphaned Children, its Talented Jazz Musicians
22 Apr 2018

There are only two jazz dedicated venues in Havana - La Zorra y El Cuervo on La Rampa and Jazz Café in the Centro Comercial Galerías Paseo on

Mas con Menos: the Phrase which Defines Cuban Identity and Music Industry
16 Apr 2018

“More with less” is a phrase which accurately and succinctly defines the way of life in Cuba for artists and musicians as well as for the general population.

“Solo en Cuba”: Music, Culture and Traditions in Havana’s Social Scene
27 Feb 2018

The exuberant energy of Alain Pérez and his fourteen-piece band were by no means diminished by the small stage of Bar Sarao, one of Havana’s new private music

Havana through the Sound of Trombone: from Colonial Relics to Modern Art Clubs
04 Jan 2018

“Havana is a mix of Third World, First World and Other World”  (Karen Dubinsky 2016) The tall stone walls and high cupola of the sixteenth century church of

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