London Cuban Music

The Orishas of London: New Encounters through Music and Spirituality
08 Oct 2019

It was a warm early October Saturday. We were celebrating the day of the Orisha Orula, the master diviner of the Santería (also known as Yoruba or Lucumí)

Cachao’s Song Book: Cuban Musical Culture and Traditions in London
06 Mar 2018

Below zero temperature, snow and slippery roads did not hinder the celebratory evening dedicated to Cuba’s iconic double bassist and composer Israel López Valdes, better known as Cachao,

Deathless: “They Tried to Bury Us but They Didn’t Know We Were Seeds”
30 Jan 2018

The quote by poet Dinos Christianopolou, side-lined by the Greek literary community in the 1970s because he was gay, was evoked by an Ibeyi fan in response to

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