Teaching Experience

11/2017 – present: The Brilliant Club
  • PhD Tutor KS5: What is the role of fusion in Cuban music and society? 
  • PhD Tutor KS4: What does music in Cuba reveal about its society?


03/2017: Royal Hollow University of London, Department  of Drama and Dance 
  • Guest Lecturer: History and Practice of Cuban Dance 
06/2013: University of Bremen, Department  of Law 
  • Guest Lecturer: The Commonwealth of Nations: A Story in Time
09/2006 – 06/2011: London Metropolitan University, Department of Law, Governance and International Relations
  • Lecturer and Seminar Instructor for module “Issues in Global Citizenship” (Spring 2011)
  • Seminar Instructor for module “International Relations: History and Institutions” (Autumn 2007)
  • Guest Lecturer: Employment after University – Economics of the Labour Market (November 2006)
01/2006 – 06/2010: Richmond, The American International University in London, Department of Social Sciences and Humanities 
  •  Lecturer for module “Research and Writing Methods for Social Sciences and Humanities” (Autumn 2009/ Spring 2010)
  • Guest Lecturer: Trafficking of Women – Human Rights and Globalisation ( April 2008); Women in International Organisations (November 2007); Economic Globalisation and Development (March 2006); Globalisation, International Institutions and Human Rights (February 2006)
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